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Our heartfelt thanks for the way you handled all our funeral arrangements. My mother insisted on us arranging the funeral with yourselves and we can see why.

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and owned business, est. 1932

Arranging a funeral

Meeting the Funeral Director
You can arrange a mutually convenient time and place to meet the Funeral Director. Some families prefer some time to collect their thoughts, others wish to discuss arrangements as soon as possible. The Funeral Director will make the arrangements for a cremation or burial on your behalf, including liaising with the various people and organisations involved. They will guide you through local customs and the regulations concerning the funeral.

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The funeral service
We will help you think about the service and the most appropriate way to commemorate and say goodbye to your loved one. There are many options regarding the service, here are a few things to think about.

  • Burial or Cremation
  • Religious, humanist or non-religious ceremony
  • Location of the service, such as Crematorium or Church
  • Music
  • Readings, poetry
  • Will family, friends say some words to remember their life
  • Whether to ask for donations to charity rather than flowers
  • Service cards
  • Flowers
  • Transport, funeral cars, horse-driven hearse, motor-bike hearse etc.
  • Family or friends to carry the coffin

The cost of the funeral
Harpin's aim to provide a high standard of service but at a reasonable cost. We are always prepared to discuss our costs. It should not be a matter of embarrassment for any family to discuss costs with the Funeral Director when making arrangements. We will tailor a funeral to meet individual requirements and budgets.

Financial help
If you are receipt of certain benefits, you may be eligible for help towards the funeral account or financial help after the funeral. The DSS social fund awards financial assistance to individuals who meet a number of criteria. To qualify for help with funeral costs, the people who share responsibility for the funeral must be receiving one of several benefits and have insufficient savings to pay for the funeral. The payment is a limited amount which may only pay for part of the whole funeral cost. Forms and advice can be obtained from your local Job Centre.

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