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Everyone at Harpins were so kind and sympathetic, as well as understanding my familys needs. Harpins delivered a most excellent professional service.

Harpins, a local family run
and owned business, est. 1932


"Everyone at Harpins were so kind and sympathetic, as well as understanding my familys needs. Harpins delivered a most excellent professional service."

"May I take this opportunity to say a big thank-you to you and your staff for the most professional, caring and sensitive way you all conducted the services. You made a sad and painful day endurable."

"Preparing for a funeral is never easy but your guidance gave us heart that, despite our fumblings, all would be well- and of course it was."

"A note to show our appreciation to you for your patience, expertise and professionalism whilst we have been dealing with you. You provided an anchor for us and a listening ear and for this we thank-you."

"Thanks for your support and advice during a sad and difficult time. Relatives have commented that the service was dignified, tasteful and special to his memory."

"I know you must hear this all the time but we cant put into words how much you helped us through our difficult time. Without your help we would have been lost."

"Thanks to you and your dedicated team for the kind and considerate way you dealt with my wife. Your funeral arrangements were exactly as I wished, everything beautifully executed and professional."

"Thank-you for the sensitive and efficient service re my fathers funeral. You made the whole thing so much easier with a much appreciated personal warmth."

"You were so kind and thoughtful. Even though it must be a job that you have to do over and over again, we felt throughout the whole painful process that we were very important to you."

"Thank-you for your quiet, friendly, supportive service showing understanding, respect and consideration at such a time. It was most comforting to know that we were in such good hands."

"You will be remembered always with our deepest respect for helping us through our darkest hours."

"The attention to detail was fantastic and you were true professionals on all occasions. The sole reason we came to you was word of mouth from others who had experienced the same."

"Our heartfelt thanks for the way you handled all our funeral arrangements. My mother insisted on us arranging the funeral with yourselves and we can see why."

"Mum has commented as to your sensitive, empathy but most of all respect shown during the funeral and the time we have dealt with you. This is echoed by all the family."

"Thank-you for the helpful and sympathetic manner in which you dealt with matters. My appreciation of the very efficient arrangements and the attention to detail in carrying out all our requests."

"As his immediate close family we could not have wished for the attention to the smallest detail to have been better and also the smooth, professional and sensitive way in which his funeral was conducted."

"Your kindness and friendly relaxed manner were exactly what we needed at a very difficult time and the service you provided was second to none."

"From the initial contact and all the detail through to the ceremony itself I was so delighted to be able to work with someone I felt understood the emotional strain and had a solution to every problem."

"Thank-you for the way you organised the funeral. From the first meeting to the funeral you were efficient, patient and respectful yet unobtrusive at a time of grief. You took care of our loved one."

"You were so kind and reassuring but also necessarily helpful and informative. You were doing your job and doing it very well yet you maintained a personal feel, as if it was special for me."

"I realise that everything you did was simply part of the service and that you wouldnt consider it to be anything special simply what you would expect. However, your service was extraordinary."

"We could not have had a better, more sincere or dignified service than that which you gave us."

"You provided a professional and efficient service throughout and your empathic approach assisted us to cope more effectively at the most difficult and traumatic time of our lives."

"Proceedings were clearly explained in a calm and tasteful way. There was no pressure to increase what we required for greater remuneration and all choices were left to ourselves without influence or persuasion."

"Your immediate presence following our telephone call, and attention to detail, relieved us of all the worry at such a difficult time."

"You took the time to listen without rushing, your caring attitude with us and your efficient service was a great help. You made us feel as though dad was part of your life as well as ours."

"There is no such thing as an easy time when you lose someone but you were all very supportive and I felt nothing was too much trouble. Everything went smoothly and with dignity on the day."

"We very much appreciate the dignified and respectful way in which your whole family helped us. Nothing seemed to be too much trouble."

"The whole thing passed off seamlessly and flawlessly which was of immense help to us at a very testing time when your friendly and capable experience became a steadying factor at a critical time."

"I had no idea what to expect and was rather apprehensive but need not have worried as you and your staff made everything so easy and comfortable."

"The service provided was most professional, courteous and compassionate to the last detail. We were grateful for the advice and compassionate decisions during our difficult time."